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The Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club (PAARC) is an ARRL affiliated,  amateur radio club that sponsors many types of activities.PAARC operates 4 FM repeaters, APRS Digi, and a IRLP Node.  

Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to attend our meetings as you do NOT need to be a radio amateur to participate.

Club Meeting Topics

The primary purpose of these meetings is to get together with our fellow amateurs, friends and families in order to enjoy conversation and snacks. There are usually monthly presentations covering various topics including everything from Amateur radio to star gazing and automated pie making machinery.
Directions are located here

May 7, 2015
Monthly Club Meeting 7 pm @ LGS. Topic: Magnetic Loop Antennas

Club Workshop

Saturday April 25,2015 10:00 am Cancelled

From Ed (N3WXW)
I am posting  date and time for our first work shop day. We will have a pully and rope set up to test antennas. Tom K3TWL has a wonderful rigexperts tool for he will demo + I have an mfj antenna analyzer and I also have clubs . Original thought was soldering pl 259 and older style 4 to 8 pin  Microphone ends.  Building your own antenna .  Please bring your material and solder and solder iron you use with you. I have scrap pvc for antenna insulator ends.  I have a bit of 1/2"thick  plexi class for feed points. If you are building a G5RV you will need twin lead either 450 or 300 ohm and for 80 thru 10-- 110  feet of wire.  any questions.

Contact Ed (  for directions

April Foxhunt

 From Jim (K3CHJ)

Our first hunt in 2015 will be at 10am on Saturday April 18 at the Pottsgrove Middle School on 1351 N. Hanover St., Pottstown.  Al AG3T and Dori K3TES will be the foxes.
If you want to borrow any equipment send me an email at

*** 2015 DUES ARE DUE ****
The PAARC Board has decided to increase the 2015 yearly full member dues by $5.
(This increase is to the full member, all other dues classes remain the same)

The 2015 dues classes are as follows:

Full member $25
Additional Family Member $5
Full Member Student $10
Associate Member $5

Click here to open up page for membership form.

*** 6 m Net***
6 meter net

  Wednesdays 50.130 SSB @ 8:30 pm  EST

Information for other band nets located here

Recent Contests

ARRL VHF Contest (Jan 24-25)

(From Leonard W3VP)

Hello to everyone. I hope some of you had a chance to work the January VHF contest this past weekend. The bands were full of activity, but you did have to search around a bit. Bill/WF3M & Ed/N3WXW were found on 6 meters working some CW contacts, while the rest of us were found surfing and sometimes claiming a spot on the band for a brief time before venturing off to another band or frequency to start the process all over again. While 6 meters didn’t surprise me with any great openings it sure was a blast meeting up with fellow club members doing what brought us into Ham Radio, making contact s! I also ran across Walt/KC3DGC with a homebrew tape measure antenna on 144.205! I can tell the bug has bitten Walt pretty hard since he’s already talking about future station improvements. Way to go Walt! This is what Ham Radio is all about. Improving our skills as operators, and making do with what you have whether it’s a shiny brand new antenna, or a homebrewed piece of art. Wherever, or should I say whenever I ran across a fellow club member the results were always the same. They were all having a great time. I even ran across some of the “360” & “Green guys” on the band. Evidently the “Green Guys” were well equipped for the weather on top of the Fire Tower? And of course, it’s always a pleasure to meet up with the “well rounded” group of guys on RADIO360! Thanks for the points guys

Special mention: Alex/KA2VLP who I ran into quite frequently during the contest. I hope you can make the net tonight? Also, our very own Bill /W3FRB who curbed his secretarial duties for the weekend to join in on the fun. I believe this was Bill’s first contest. Way to go Bill!

I’m anxious to hear the stories on the net tonight. Thanks to everyone for participating. While we enjoyed the contest, that’s only a thin slice of the pie. We welcome everyone, contesters, rag chewers, CW, Digital, and people that just like to homebrew. Heck, I even brushed up on my CW skills! It’s a BIG swimming pool and there’s room for everyone.;

The “Magicians Net” will start at 8:30pm (Wednesdays) on 50.130 mhz. See you all then……. ---… …--


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