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The Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club (PAARC) is an ARRL affiliated,  amateur radio club that sponsors many types of activities.PAARC operates 4 FM repeaters, APRS Digi, and a IRLP Node.  

Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to attend our meetings as you do NOT need to be a radio amateur to participate.

 June Update

Below is the link

You didn't get the June update email???

Contact the club Secretary Bill (W3FRB) 



Congratulations to PAARC's own Reg N3KAS for receiving the Eastern PA Section first ARRL Service to Scouting Award for lifetime of service including founding member of the SPARK lodge and K3BSA.  Please see the following web site for more details:

The next club meeting is scheduled for September. Location TBD. Enjoy the summer

We need help!

We need volunteers for   Repeater maintenance-  contact Bill (w3frb)  at if you want to help out


The primary purpose of these meetings is to get together with our fellow amateurs, friends and families in order to enjoy conversation and snacks. There are usually monthly presentations covering various topics including everything from Amateur radio to star gazing and automated pie making machinery.
Directions are located here

PAARC Field Day 2015

From ED N3WXW Field Day Coordinator

             "I am asking who is going to operate any  additional stations for this years ARRL field day weekend for PAARC . So Far  CW , Phone & GOTA.  Any more?" 

              We will have 8 GOTA pins for any GOTA operator who make 20 contacts. Please bring new folks along who with or with out a license  to operate the GOTA Station.

            Ed K3BVQ will be cooking his first class Beans..

  • Anyone who would like to do their own set up is welcome to use the call of  W3T at this site only with the club. We use N3FJP field day program for logging. 

  • Exam Testing:  We will have exam testing at Field Day. The exam is scheduled for Saturday June 27 @ 3 pm
  • Pre-set up: Friday morning prior to Field day weekend. Put the ropes in the trees for the antennas. about 9:00am .
  • Pre-field day breakfast Saturday at Pottstown Diner on Rt 100 and West King Street 9:00am to 10:00am
For information or to help out  contact  Ed McCoy N3WXW@AOL.COM

Upcoming Contests

  • June VHF - Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, runs through 0259 UTC Monday (June 13-15, 2015)

  • ARRL Field Day is June 27-28, 2015

If all the above sounds like fun, why not join   Click here to open up page for membership form.

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